Throwing a Sex Toy Party

Have you ever had a Lingerie and Sex Toy Home Party?

I had my first party in 1982, and I have never had so much fun at any kind of a party before or since, nor laughed so hard. My friends and I rolled on the floor whooping at the sight of each of us modeling sexy, (and a little whacky), lingerie. The further you are from the perfect figure, the more fun you will have. The models freely joined in the laughter – we even took pictures!
This is one kind of party men will gladly agree to attend with you, so bring your husband or boyfriend. Call it whatever you want: Girls’ Night Out, Pleasure Party, Couples Parties, Naughty Nighty Lingerie Party, Adult Novelties party, whatever suits you. Lingerie parties are hosted in your home, and can be as rowdy or dignified as you choose (but don’t count on that holding!) There’s nothing like the fun of a sex toy party to bring some spark to that relationship that’s been dragging on and on and going nowhere.

As for the products you may want to sell at your party, consider:

Nipple Nibbler’s Mandarin Orange – “A tantalizing cream for both mouth and nipples”
Who wouldn’t want this?”

Escalating Elephant – a “luxury vibrator with 21 different ways to thrill!” Better train for this one.

RomantaTherapy Sensual Warming Lubricant that “warms on contact.”
Good for cold hands!

Cremesicle Edible Body Dust – “Delicious body powder” –
In case you don’t have time to fix dinner?

Sweet Sensations – Edible gel to “excite the senses and delight the taste buds”
Dessert, perhaps?

For entertainment (besides all the laughing) you might consider inviting a professional face/body painter (or try it yourself – why not! Use paint made for the purpose), playdough for redesigning various body parts or a special movie to share. Serve some finger food (fresh fruit works great!) and have plenty of tissues handy (not to eat!) You might even consider a slumber party!

Or, you might consider becoming a Lingerie and Sex Toy Party Representative yourself. If you go to your search engine and type in “Lingerie and Sex Toy Party,” you should get plenty of hits, with an absolute encyclopedia of different plans to consider. Check these out:

Do consider having a lingerie and sex toys party. I guarantee, you will have more fun and laugh harder than you ever have before.

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