Sex Toys in Malls?

This article is based on my observation during a recent visit to the mall. I never really took into account, the depth of products stores sold. It was not until I became a business major in college, that I payed more attention. Due in part to my business background I have noticed the layout of a particular store is an artform. If you study marketing or sales, the placement of products is important. The layout of the store is vital to the success of any retailer. This keen eye that I am developing led me to notice something that many people might dismiss.
Many people know what sex toys are, they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors just like people do. There is something for everybody. I am by no means an expert on the subject what so ever, but I do know one when I see one. Never did it cross my mind that I would see sex toys out in the open at my local mall. The mall is where hundreds if not thousands of people frequent on a daily basis. Lets admit it we are a materialistic consumer driven society. The majority of people I see at the mall are on the younger end of the consumer spectrum. This is why when I saw the sex toys in the mall it peeked my interest, and raised a flag in my mind.

Sex toys are a subject that I am sure is taboo in most households. I don’t think we are as open as other countries. Last year when on a trip to Montreal I noticed that sex shops or gift stores had many younger people going in and out of the establishment, without embarrassment or shame. In America people are told to keep their feelings private, behind closed doors. We are taught to hide our secret passions and told that it is wrong. I am not here to say if it is right or wrong to use sex toys or to purchase them, however I do believe that everything has it’s place. The mall might not fall under the category of the most acceptable place to come across a vibrator. What ever shall the mall walkers think?

The standard or norm for sex toys interaction are designated in lingerie/sex toy shops. Usually on the side of the road or located in a strip mall of some sort. Sings usually indicating that customers cannot enter or purchase anything if under a particular age. Typically I would assume that this age would be 18 and older. The mall however doesn’t seem to abide by that or at least one popular retail shop that is affixed in most malls.

The store in question is Spencer’s Gifts. Spencer’s is known for it’s variety of humorous gifts and adult themed cards, books, games etc. They also have many other products such as jewelery and apparel. When looking towards the back of the store where the black lights, lava lamps, and various posters were located I came across an interesting array of products. Confusion came over me, never before noticing they sold vibrators admittedly I experienced double take. They had at least 4 different types or designs rather. This normally does not shock me, but on this day I was taking my younger female cousins to the mall. Despite being the “cool” older cousin, I do not want to be responsible at this point in time. Responsible for the definition what a vibrator is, what it does, and why people buy them.

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